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Issue #15--January 2014--Skin Care Solutions, and Find Valentine Day Gifts

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Skin Care Solutions, and Valentine Day Gifts!

Its January, we are smack dab in the middle of winter and what are we all suffering from?  Dry Skin! Unless you are unnaturally blessed with winter resistant skin, you are suffering right along with the rest of us. 
So are you looking for skin care solutions to dry skin? We have some incredible, and as always, Colorado made products that both effective and safe.  Speaking of safe, you should check out our recent post in our blog about aluminum free deodorant,
  It will be worth your time. We promise.

Below are our best recommendations
for your dry skin needs.


Prideful Wellness Vegan Soaps, (editors pick, planning on trying, have not yet, Grit Happens)  Kelly Whitney, owner of Prideful Wellness uses only vegan ingredients, pure essential oils, and natural exfoliant's to make Prideful Wellness vegan soaps.
Learn more at

The Little Oasis Skin Care, (editors pick, Raspberry Seed Glycerin Soap)  This organic natural skin care regime is made with organic ingredients. No preservatives or additives are ever used in these skin nourishing products. Tested only on American women and made in Norwood, Colorado USA. Learn more at

Dirty Water Soap Works, (editors pick, Lemongrass Sage Soap)
Nothing you can’t pronounce in these natural handmade soaps.  Just good old fashioned skin nourishing ingredients such as  Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Colorado Goats Milk, Dried Herbs and Utah Sea Salt to name a few.  Learn more at

Lemongrass Spa Products, (editors pick, Pomegranate Body Polish)
Makeup, lotions, soaps, even deodorants produced by Lemongrass Spa are completely free of: phthalates, petroleum-based fillers, mineral oil, sodium laureth sulfate, formaldehyde, artificial colorants, parabens and animal testing.  Contact a Lemongrass Spa Consultant today!

So, what about some homemade remedies? They are not to be forgotten, I recently discovered an old school remedy, it’s Beef Tallow.   Check out our blog, You will learn more about the surprising benefits beef tallow can offer your skin! No calories added!

Have we covered you skin with enough nourishing options?  I hope so, check out our directory for a comprehensive list of each of these producers.

One More Thing!
At the risk of losing your attention we wanted to talk about one more thing, Valentine’s Day Special Orders.  We will be putting a Valentines Day Edition out the beginning of February that will have some great ideas, but if you want something special, you need to order it soon, (like today). I have two businesses in mind that are can make something special for your Valentine, but only if you order right away. Here they are:

IM Silver Custom Handcrafted Horsehair Jewelry and Custom Silver Work.(left), Have Ivy create something extra special for your sweetheart when you send her horse hair collected from your sweetheart’s favorite horse.  Get ideas now!
East Mesa Design, (right), they even have a VDAY 10% Discount! Use the code dayoflove for a 10% discount off any item in their store.  Visit there store now:

Just as a reminder, Created In Colorado is a online product directory for made in Colorado items.  You can find high quality locally grown, handcrafted and produced items on Created In  Keep us in mind when you want to find high quality items that were created right here in Colorado.

Also let us know if you know of a high quality producer you would like to see featured on Created In  Find out about our referral program.

Thank you so much for your time, will talk to you in February,

Go Broncos!

Laura and Nathalie,
Created In