Social Network Basics

It’s a cup that pours forth with no end in site.....

Often we talk about how we help our clients with their social networks….but what is a social network? It is an online social network that helps you build relationships with your clients. To name a few in an ever expanding platform market:

Facebook ⌘ Pinterest ⌘ Instagram ⌘ Twitter ⌘ Tumbler ⌘ 
StumbleUpon Snapchat 
 Google+  Digg

More are launched everyday it seems….

Which ones should your business be participating in? It depends on what you have to share.  Basically, these platforms divide into two groups; image based and information/content based.  Of course all of these platforms incorporate both content and images at times.  But they generally swing one way or another.

So where should you focus your precious time and attention? Should you dabble in all or become a master of one?

We believe all are important, but each can weighed differently depending on the following answers.

  • Who is your audience – age, gender, interests
  • What problems are you solving or need are you filling?
  • Are you already active in social media?

Action #1
Identify your audience.
Facebook is aging and Instagram is young.  This does not mean if part of your audience is under the age of 30 then don’t participate in Facebook, but if you are strapped for time maybe you should focus on younger platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. 
Here is an article to that shows where young people are spending their time

Action #2
Identify what problem you are solving or need are you filling.
Service based industries tend to have more content to share….throwing them towards content based platforms, but don’t ignore Pinterest for creating killer “how to” images that can drive some powerful traffic.
Products based businesses have more to images to share so they should lean toward the image based platforms.  But good content about your product, how it solves customers problems, and related content can be powerful as well.

Action #3
Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?

If you are just beginning to build an online marketing plan for your business, we suggest you start out with one of the most important ones, email marketing.  If you already dabbling in many, try to put them on auto pilot and focus on building up each of your audiences one at a time.

Last Thought
Consistency is the key to any platform.  Posting on a regular basis is the most important strategy you should adopt and enforce.  An interesting fact about social media is that results don't always show up quickly. You will find if you stay consistent and always provide value to your fans, your fans will eventually become your customers.  Keep feeding them!