This or That
handmade jewelry vs department store pieces

This week in our This or That series, we discuss handmade jewelry vs department store pieces.

The Jewelry Department (a women’s perspective)

You are strolling down the isle of your favorite department store, maybe shopping for a some new jeans or blouse when something shiny catches your eye, you look and then are captivated by the bangles, crystals, and glistening gold and silver.  You are just going to look right? Just going to take a moment  to browse all the pretty items the store has displayed for your shopping enjoyment…….Some time later you find yourself at checkout with the new jeans you came in for AND something shiny.  Darn it, how did that make it into my basket, you ask? Oh well, it will go perfect with that green blouse I have…..

The Useless Department ( a man’s perspective)

I need to get something nice for my wife today.   I know she really enjoys wearing jewelry, so I will go get her some of that stuff.  Awe! The selection! Its so large! So many rings and necklaces! Holy Cow.
This looks like something she might wear, this will do, it’s jewelry, she will like it.

A Better Choice

Slow down, try not to be romanced by the department store lights, if you want a new set of earrings or other jewelry, we have a better choice, handmade jewelry, made in Colorado.  Higher quality, American Made, (the choices I will give you are Colorado Made), often each are unique and just as cool or more so than the department store stuff.

What’s your style?  We have a couple of interesting handcrafted jewelry artists listed below.  Depending on what your style is we think we have you covered. Browse on!

IM Silver

Ivy McNulty's handcrafted silver and horsehair jewelry is uniquely beautiful, did you know she can use your horses hair in the jewelry? See more of IM Silver's items.

Here are some others found in our Handmade Jewelry Directory

KB Hansel Jewelry

Artistatree Jewelry


Erin Weaver Lewis of Studio451Jewelry creates some very trendy and contemporary pieces of handmade jewelry.  Visit her Etsy Shop to see more!

Why This or That

Would you choose this or that? That is the question.  We are setting out on a learning journey to find comparative everyday household products, foods and gifts that can be purchased from with in Colorado.  We are asking you to tune in each week to find out what THIS or THAT item will be highlighted. 

Created In Colorado would like to propose a challenge: Try to replace one household item with one that’s made in Colorado each week, or even once per month.  At first you might believe this might be challenging, but I will be providing you with some excellent comparable choices for you to choose from, so watch out, and tune in!

By the way, anything that is in ever in the THAT column is not under fire,  or disliked.  Its just not a favorite when compared to the much better THIS column.  So if you see me at the supermarket with a that in my basket, I am not a hypocrite! And I don't consider you one either. 

Just one item per week or even per month could make a difference in your local economy.  Especially if everyone participated.  So...share this, talk about it, what ever it takes, lets make a difference together. Look in our directories for other awesome local choices!!


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