This or That
organic juice or juice beverage?

To juice, to blend or go gluten free, that is the question on many of our minds right?  Well we are not going to address all of those hot topics today, but we will address cold pressed juices bottled right here in Colorado.

We found some great choices.  Some of these juices are blended for nutrition and cleansing and full meal replacement and others are just plain delicious cold pressed juice.

Below are this weeks This or That Recommendations. 

Which choice will you make next time you are at the market?

One Ingredient: Organic Apple Juice

Several Ingredients (more than I want to count)

Drink Locally and Nourish Your Body at the Same Time?

We found the following companies making fresh cold pressed juice right here in Colorado. Some are supermarket brands you may have already seen in a local shopping market and others are little more difficult to get a hold of, but none the less worth it searching out and sampling.

Big B's Juices and Ciders

Drink Locally! Big B’s Juices produce a full line of organic and local apple juices and ciders from Western Slope fruits.  In addition Big B's also produces a tasty line of hard ciders, as well as lemonades and teas!  To find out more about this organic apple juice producer and how to get Big B’s Juices, go to their website,

Vibrant Earth Juices

Vibrant Earth Juices are formulated by a registered dietician, touting liquid nutrition form the ground up.  Vibrant Earth Juices come in ready to ship and drink bottles but they also have a mobile van that vrooms around Denver, Co providing local residents with fresh liquid nourishment pick me ups.  Here is their website,

Nourish Organic Juice

Nourish your mind, nourish your body nourish your soul.  %100 organic, %100 gluten free, %100 good are the stats that Nourishing Organic Juice provides.  Nourish provides tasty juice blends and healthy cleansing juices such as The Cleen Machine and The Energy Fixer Elixer. Go to their website to learn more,

The Juicing Tree

In just a few words we can describe The Juicing Tree’s line of Colorado made juice.  Handmade, small batch, cold pressed, organic juices!  Learn more at their website,

Look in our locally grown directory for other organic juice producers!

Why This or That

Would you choose this or that? That is the question.  We are setting out on a learning journey to find comparative everyday household products, foods and gifts that can be purchased from with in Colorado.  We are asking you to tune in each week to find out what THIS or THAT item will be highlighted. 

Created In Colorado would like to propose a challenge: Try to replace one household item with one that’s made in Colorado each week, or even once per month.  At first you might believe this might be challenging, but I will be providing you with some excellent comparable choices for you to choose from, so watch out, and tune in!

By the way, anything that is in ever in the THAT column is not under fire,  or disliked.  Its just not a favorite when compared to the much better THIS column.  So if you see me at the supermarket with a that in my basket, I am not a hypocrite! And I don't consider you one either. 

Just one item per week or even per month could make a difference in your local economy.  Especially if everyone participated.  So...share this, talk about it, what ever it takes, lets make a difference together. Look in our directories for other awesome local choices!!


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