Trello : Your Guide to Getting Started

Are you ready to be more productive, organized and as a bonus collaborate with your team easier? We think you should consider Trello.  Check out this short video tutorial that shows you how Trello can help you achieve your 2016 goals. Then if you are ready to learn more follow the guide below! 

To get started with Trello it is completely free.  You just have to create a user name and password and wallah! You are a Trello user.  Now lets get into what do do next.

This is a screen shot of the my Trello homepage.  If you ever want to get back to this page just hit the Trello button on top middle of screen.

 Select the board you want to work in.  I have selected the Grow Colorado Fastlane Newsletter List.  Each board represents a main goal or project.

In the above picture the the board named Grow Colorado Fastlane Newsletter List is opened, showing all cards and tasks that have been already created for it.  We are going to go through what each "card" can do now.  

Simply click in the body of the task you would like to open, the one used below was the Trello Tutorial.  

What you see now is everything you will need to take your current task to fruition.  You can add members here,(this is where the collaboration comes in), set due dates for the task, create checklists, leave comments for the other team members and more!

As the items on your checklist are complete you can check them off.  You might also notice on the card below that there is a calendar showing.  This is how you give your tasks due dates.  You will receive a friendly reminder about items due in your inbox!  

So what if you want to move a board or a task? Its simple.  Just drag and drop.  We like to keep a completed or done card on each of our boards.  Its great to be able to move tasks there once they are completed! 

You can see that Trello Tutorial was once on the Currently working on card and now resides in the Completed/DONE card.  You can move the whole card as well!

Ready to get started with Trello?

We hope you have a better understanding of this powerful workflow tool and enough knowledge to give it a try. Please let us know if this guide and or video has been helpful to you. As always if you are interested in receiving updates about other similar content, please subscribe to the Colorado Fastlane Newsletter.