Find Unique Colorado Gifts 
in our 2016 Colorado Gift Guide

Want to simplify gift giving this holiday season and support your local economy? Take one step towards reducing holiday stress and download our Free Colorado Gift Guide below.

Gift Giving Can Get Tricky.....

Let’s face it, it can be tricky to find a unique gift for a co-worker, niece or nephew, spouse, or close friend. A great well thought out unique gift does not have to contain the decade’s best gag, or put a dent in your wallet. Neither do you need to scour department stores looking for the just right priced item that compliments your gift receiver’s style.

Check out our downloadable Colorado gift guide for some ideas for some truly unique gift ideas.  In it we have a Gifts for Him collection, Gifts for Her Collection and and even a collection for those who live far and away.  It might just give you the local shopping edge that you have been looking for!  

Colorado Gift Guide, 2nd Edition

Need more unique Colorado gift inspiration?

Hand thrown honey pots, oven safe cooking ware, and over sized coffee mugs for your coffee drinking friends would surely be appreciated. You can find local Colorado potters making these and other gorgeous functional handmade pottery. Anything that is handmade and useful is going to be cherished for a long time.

Other neat gift ideas that are a guaranteed hit and wont be re-gifted are jars of homemade jams or sauces. The only risk involved with purchasing jars filled with delicious reductions of local fruits and veggies is that they might get eaten before gifting time! AWE!

What about limited edition prints and other handcrafted arts and crafts?  It doesn't get much more thoughtful or custom than a gift that is one of a kind just like the recipient. 

Unique Colorado shops are all over Colorado waiting to be found. They are making unique handmade items that cannot be found in department stores, and that you will not only use but also love.

Why not shop local businesses that make these products that you need and use everyday? Give Created in Colorado’s collection of businesses who make made in Colorado products a quick browse; you might be surprised to find what is being created in your town.