Created In Colorado Newsletter,
Issue #16--February 2014--Valentine Day 2014: The Evolution of Valentine's Day and Going Beyond Ordinary

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The Evolution of Valentines Day .... Oh how far we have come!

Grade School: Exchange of Valentine's Day cards with classmates, consumption of homemade cupcakes and candy hearts.
Junior High: No more homemade cupcakes, they have been replaced with mini teddy bear, a gumball machine ring, and a heart filled with chocolates.
High School: Lawn mowing and baby sitting jobs have upgraded the gifts to over sized teddy bears hugging chocolates and a handwritten card explaining ever endearing love for one another.
Fast Forward to Now........

This year you might be with the one that you love, friends that you care for or maybe you are going to spend the day getting to know the one you crush for.......regardless, what are you planning that will make your valentine remember this Valentine's Day?

We have some suggestions, of course.  Below are some great spins on traditional gifts such as chocolate, jewelry and flowers.

Thinking Chocolate?
Go beyond a heart shaped box of chocolates, try Gus Chocolate or Sweet Thoughts Fudge

Handcrafted, Unique, Custom, Unforgettable......

Fielders Dream Bullet Jewelry

IM Silver

Studio 451 Jewelry

Give the gift of life

Always a safe choice, everyone loves flowers.  But have you heard of Bloomin Seed Paper?  Your Valentine's card can actually become your flowers! Seeds are blended into all Bloomin products, making these the perfect gift that just keeps hanging around.

Still looking?

Check out this list, 14 Days to Valentines Day Gift Guide, it has 14 unique valentines gifts for you to choose from

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Happy Valentines Day!  And thank you so much for your time,

Laura and Nathalie,
Created In