Venison Meat isn't Elk Meat, but.....

Venison meat is not elk meat, its actually deer meat.  It is a great alternative to beef and pork. Below we have included some venison meat statistics, and how it can be a great alternative red meat. 

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Venison Meat Statistics: What We Know So Far......

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Here are few statistics from Deer website:

- Germany is the largest consumer of venison;

- New Zealand is an important importer of venison meat;

- The United States market is the largest undeveloped market of venison;

- 70% of surveyed chefs use internet to find useful information;

- Ground meat is the most popular cut because consumers don't know how to cook anymore and or are looking for a 20 minutes preparation meal;

- Deli counters might be the solution to educate general consumers by letting them experiment with smaller quantity.

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