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Red Stag at Dusk by Colorado Watercolor Artist Shirley Miller.

Watercolor artists know well how to hide out and nurture their creativity in Colorado. Perhaps they are inspired by nature’s creations: the clean, high-altitude air, colorful sunsets and sunrises, clear streams, abundant wildlife, inspiring mountain ranges and other scenic and pastoral vistas!

People who have a chance to browse in our art galleries begin to discover the wealth of watercolor artwork created by Colorado artists for your viewing pleasure!

Whether landscapes, portraits, or flowers, watercolor paintings of scenes filled with incredible colors and luminescent light, as interpreted from the artist’s perspective, can touch the viewer’s heart, mind, and spirit.

Cow and Calf on North Mountain by Shirley Miller

"Cow and Calf on North Mountain"
Watercolor by Shirley Miller

From one creation to the next, you can easily lose yourself within each watercolor. Each artist has their own palette of colors, their own style, technique, and unique talent for expression.

Occasionally while in a gallery, you might be fortunate to hear firsthand from an artist about their creative process. They may say that “simplicity” is really their medium. Modest to the core, they may talk as if unaware they have created something intimately special and touching.

Such is the nature of many artists. Some are so modest and protective of their works that they may only rarely display their work in the traditional venue of galleries, thus further limiting your chances to experience many unsung but inspiring original artwork.

Not anymore! It is easier now than ever for anyone to discover and enjoy these one-of-a-kind pieces of fine art, whether or not the works are otherwise available in a gallery! Check out Created in Colorado’s other watercolor artists in our Handcrafted Directory.

From the convenience of your Internet connection, find talented Colorado artists creating awe-inspiring watercolors! Enjoy browsing that directory if you might be interested in a watercolor still life, a southwest landscape or other type of watercolor landscape, just to name a few.

If you are interested in seeing more watercolors by Shirley Miller, visit Shirley Miller's Gallery.

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