Wedding Basket Gift Ideas

Alert! We are heading into the summer wedding season.  Proof of this is on my Kitchen Bulletin Board where three invitations already hang.

So Brides to be and Brides to Be Helpers, you are likely well on your way to creating the wedding of your dreams.  You’ve got the dress, flowers and bridesmaids already fitted for their gowns.  Now you can move on to the smaller details that will make your day a treasured memory for you and all those that attend. 

You may be providing wedding favors or a small wedding gift for guests already.  But have you considered creating personalized gifts for your wedding guests such as a wedding guest gift basket?

What might you find in a wedding guest gift basket?
Below are some items we thought would go great, and all locally sourced!

Happy Belly Deli Granola Bars

The Little Oasis Beauty Regime

Pleasant View Vineyards Organic Wine

Dirty Water Soap Works

Canterbury Originals Greeting Cards and Local Chocolates

Western Wildflowers Bookmarks

Creating such a welcoming basket for your out of town guests can go a long way displaying your gratitude for them partaking in your special day. Take care to fill baskets with unique local treasures, treats, and items that will make your guests stay more comfortable.

Three things to consider when building your Wedding Guest Gift Baskets

1.      Choose An Original Theme

-        Stick with the same colors, fabrics or designs that you are using elsewhere.

2.      Create your final budget divided by # of guests

-        By creating a budget you are giving yourself an outline to operate within.  Having a per basket budget will help you decide what you can fill the out of town guest baskets with. 

3.      Carefully choose your source of products

-        Shop around within your community.  Fill with unique locally created items.  Your guests will appreciate the chance to enjoy a piece of your community. 

Wedding Basket Gift Idea Checklist

As a bride you know that checklists and guides are your friends.  Unless you are a wedding planner this is likely your first and last time you will plan a wedding yourself.  Use the handy Wedding Guest Basket Checklist Guide below to help build your own unforgettable usable gifts.

For a downloadable version, click here.

Click here for more wedding basket gift ideas on Created In Colorado.  Shop our Created In Colorado Store to find more tips on filling your gift baskets with locally made products.


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