Slow Fermented Wild Yeast Breads

The Bin is a specialty bakery located in Norwood, Colorado that specializes in Wild Yeast breads.  What’s baking at The Bin today?  It’s always a surprise!  Lori Goralka, owner of The Bin, finds herself continually trying new adventurous and tantalizing flavors such as Walnut Gorgonzola Wild Yeast Country Loaf and Cheddar Herb Baguettes.  Don't those just make your mouth water?

In addition to those The Bin always has the following available for purchase or order:

  • The‘wildly’ popular Wild Yeast Country Loaf
  • Seeded Wild Yeast Country Loaf
  • Traditional Wild Yeast Baguettes

Wild Yeast “Caught and Tamed”

Wild yeast is really cool.  Unlike traditional yeast that you buy in the store and that 99% of breads in the U.S. are made with, wild yeast must be caught and tamed one might say.  It does take longer to raise bread with wild yeast, and it’s not as reliable as commercial store bought yeast, and that is why it’s called slow risen bread. Each bread or sourdough starter across the world is unique to the yeast living the air in that particular geographic area.  The Bin’s bread starter is influenced by arid winds of Southwest Colorado where the Bin is based and also the salty coasts of Costa Rica because it’s taken a couple of trips down there to perform as well.  Combine this unique wild yeast starter with Lori’s attitude that strives for perfection and you have The Bin.

Have we mentioned the nutritional benefits of slow-fermented wild yeast breads?

Slow –fermented breads in general are more digestible than their distant cousins made with commercial yeast.  Why? Because the process takes longer, resulting in a product that is more digestible for you. The wild yeast is able to use more of the wheat proteins or “gluten” for their energy. This energy that is released from the wild yeast starter is what makes the bread rise and also gives the bread its signature flavor.  Cool right? Learn more about this process here:

Where do you find The Bin and Slow Fermented Wild Yeast Breads?

Summer Markets:

Ridgway Farmers Market: May through September 10:00 – 1:00

Within Norwood: Order Monday through Thursday, Orders filled each Thursday

Winter Markets:

Ridgway Indoor Market: September through April

Norwood Indoor Farmers Market: September through March
Location: The Livery, Norwood, Co 81423

Fresh Pastries, Wholesome Dog Treats, and Bags?

Accompanying her slow-fermented wild yeast breads at market are freshly baked pastries of all kinds, using the tastiest seasonal fruits, and other high quality and organic ingredients. Along with these, The Bin has wholesome dog treats which are baked fresh each week for your shopping companions and, yes, Lori Goralka also has other talents that include creating fabulous shopping bags from re-purposed materials and handcrafted cards. 

Wholesome Freshly Baked Dog Treats

Handcrafted Postcards, great to have on hand!

Shopping Bags created from re-purposed fabrics

The Origins of The Bin

Growing up in household where fresh baked bread was the norm and buying bread and baked goods from the market was out of the question, sewed the seed for the love of baking within Lori Gorelka.  This seed was later developed during visits to France and Italy, where she found inspiration from their old world style of baking and cooking.  In particular she fell in love with the flavors and textures of traditional sourdough and slow rise breads that are found so prolifically there. 

Since Lori does not allow herself to anything just halfway, she spent two years of trial and error, baking bread each day in search of the just right combination and amount  of ingredients that is now known today by locals as her Wild Yeast Country Loaf.   Lori calls it this because it’s the wild yeast that she developed her bread starter from that gives all of The Bin’s breads their signature flavor.  

Connect with Lori!

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