Meredith Nemirov
Colorado Woodblock Printing Artist

Meredith Nemirov, a unique artist who, since June of 2012 has been working on something unique and different in itself;

Twelve Views of the Lone Cone Mountain from Woodblock Prints.

Woodcut prints? And what are those? I asked this question myself at first.  And the art of woodblock printing is so interesting I think it deserves an explanation in itself. 

So basically this ancient art was literally how texts, books and documents were printed predominantly in Asia for centuries.  First a woodblock “stamp” was created, then ink applied, then rubbing, or pressing was performed for desired text transfer.  Cool right? 

But Meredith Nemirov is not printing ancient books and texts she is implementing the art of Japanese woodblock printmaking to create her Twelve Views of Lone Cone Mountain Series.

More about The Twelve Views

Twelve Views of the Lone Cone, is a series of prints executed from drawings and paintings made on site in Norwood, CO over a time period of eighteen months. Meredith Nemerov received an Artist Fellowship grand to study the process of Japanese woodblock printmaking at a class at the Anderson Ranch Center for the Arts in Snowmass, CO in June of 2012.

These prints depict views of Lone Cone Mountain from different aspects and in different seasons.  Some of the prints are black and white, some color and some hand-colored.

There are twelve unique woodblock prints in Meredith Nemirov's woodblock print series, Twelve Views of the Lone Cone.  Limited Edition Prints are limited to sets of 12 per woodblock painting, each signed and dated.  Take a look at the full collection in Meredith's Gallery. 

Meredith Nemirov, The Artist

Meredith Nemirov was born and raised in New York City where she received a BFA from the Parsons School of Design. She has had her studio in Ridgway, CO for the past 25 years. Her plain air landscape paintings are represented by galleries around the state and her studio paintings have been featured in exhibitions at The Arvada Center, Redline, Anderson Ranch Arts Center and others.

She has taught drawing and painting at the AhHaa School for the Arts in Telluride, The Art Center in Grand Junction, The Crested Butte Center for the Arts and Weehawken Creative Arts in Ouray County. Her annual workshop at The Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM continues into it's ninth year.

Visit and subscribe to Meredith’s Blog, to see what this process takes in its entirety, also visit to see some incredible art and inspiration from many different themes, including breathtaking landscape paintings and drawings she creates and keep up with the incredible travel experiences which inspire much of Meredith's art.

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